Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Search Engine Advertising is the practice of paying for advertising to appear on search engine listings in response to user search queries. The keywords entered into the search engine trigger your ad meaning that your product or service advertisement is seen by someone actively searching for your or your competitor’s product.

Search Engine Advertising Consultation

Our agency is called Inbound because we adhere to and advocate the principles of Inbound Marketing.  However, we also realise that paid advertising has its place in the world.

While digital marketing concepts such as search engine optimisation, blogging and social media engagement are highly sustainable in the long run, sometimes it is necessary to employ shorter term strategies to acquire customers and raise brand awareness using paid digital channels.

Inbound provide consultation on all aspects of search engine advertising – cost-per-click (CPC) and pay-per-display (CPM) advertising models – from initial campaign setup, ongoing maintenance and support, through to total campaign optimisation and regular reporting.

Search Engine Advertising Audit

If you have already begun your journey into paid advertising and simply require some friendly advice, we can perform a thorough audit and baseline analysis of your campaign activities and provide a custom report on key campaign metrics and overall performance. This will provide clear and unambiguous information for future decision making.

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Inbound’s SEA Services

Below is a summary of what our SEA service includes. We will work with you to understand your specific needs, market and industry, to identify and craft buyer personas and how best to reach them.

  • Campaign setup including customer targeting, keyword research and ad copy including testing and

  • Ongoing Management and Optimisation including analysis and refinement of all campaign components.

  • Remarketing. Ensure that visitors to your site will continue to see your ads wherever they go online.

  • Monthly Reporting including an analysis of key metrics and overall campaign performance.

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